02 Jan 2014

meditation for menMeditation is one of those things in life that suffers with a bad reputation.  What I mean is that many guys are suspicious of meditation because it is often associated with the social fringe.  If this is you, you need to drop the prejudice because you are seriously missing out.  Meditation is the personal development tool bar none that has the power to transform your life gently, effectively and quickly.

The trouble with a lot of meditation information is that it assumes you are also buying into a wider social or religious philosophy.  It can be difficult to confidently extract the information about meditation from the philosophy in which it is embedded.

The good news is I have spent many years researching, writing and practicing meditation, and the way I present it does not require you buy into anything other than the meditation. Period.

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  • Explains how meditation works.
  • Helps you overcome the common obstacles.
  • Builds to a complete 10 week plan.
  • Shows you ‘from the inside’ what you are trying to achieve.

Phil Tyson PhD

Dr Phil Tyson is a mens' psychotherapist working in Manchester, UK and via SKYPE worldwide. He offers cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling and psychotherapy.

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